Book Saba as a Speaker

You can book Saba as a speaker for your organization.

Saba is an accomplished professional speaker who is on the speaker’s rosters for NCRA and CCRA.

Saba is also a member of the NCRA CART COI Committee and the past mentor coordinator on CCRA’s Support Our Students Committee. Saba is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the California Court Reporters Association.

Her articles on CART as well as her products and services have been featured on multiple occasions in the JCR and CCRA’s online magazines.

Saba is the author of two books for professionals and students:
“The CART Providers’ Handbook”
“The M.O. Book,” an organizer for Judicial Court Reporters.

Some of the topics Saba speaks on include (but are not limited to):

  • Transitioning into CART
  • Leadership skills
  • Being an effective communicator.

She is available for your conference or event, to get more detail, click the contact us link and submit your information.  We will send out a packet with detailed information.