• Our #1 Goal Is Your Audience

    We believe that what we are doing is more than “a job.”  We believe in serving our clients, with a unique emphasis on equal communication access for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

    Our #1 Goal Is Your Audience
  • Realtime Translation Services

    Don’t let your audience forget 90% of what they hear in live-event settings.  Let us help them retain information by providing an enhanced audio-visual experience.  We’re experts at capturing the spoken word.

    Realtime Translation Services
  • We Go Above & Beyond

    We are passionate about producing work that is seamless, uncomplicated and exceeds the expectation of our clients.

    We Go Above & Beyond

About Us

We provide realtime translation (similar to captioning) in live-event settings. Whether your event is a… Learn More

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We provide a wide variety of reporting and related services. See our services page for more detail. View Our Services

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